Helping Florida Work

Business is big in Florida and we are always looking for ways to bring new businesses to the Sunshine State and striving to create the perfect economic environment for our current businesses to expand and create jobs.

As a business-friendly state, Florida has worked hard to make sure employers and their employees are well taken care of under its workers’ compensation system. Currently, Florida’s workers’ compensation system delivers disability benefits, medical care and rehabilitation to injured employees at no cost to them, regardless of fault, while remaining one of the most competitive markets among the largest states in the country for workers’ compensation insurance.

However, Florida’s workers’ compensation system has come under attack with court challenges that threaten to undo the significant savings produced by the 2003 workers’ compensation reforms.

Due to the 2003 reforms, premium for workers’ compensation insurance has dropped nearly 60 percent, allowing more employees access to coverage at an economical cost to the employer. By broadening the market and decreasing rates, the 2003 reforms have made it feasible for more businesses to invest in workers’ compensation coverage, thus promoting the growth of Florida businesses and Florida’s economy while ensuring delivery of meaningful workers’ compensation benefits for workers injured on the job.

To ensure that injured employees continue to receive no-fault benefits, and that businesses are able to obtain such coverage at reasonable rates, the delicate balance struck by the 2003 reforms must remain undisturbed.

Help Florida Work by preserving Florida’s vital workers’ compensation system.